Orientile 28G Tile Red Textured Roofing Sheet

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Product Description

Orientile combines the exotic aesthetic of the orient with the widest coverage for economy and practicality. The shape is the embodiment of grace and distinction. A very popular modern day choice Orientile is an aesthetically pleasing steel sheeting profile that gives the look of an exotic tile finish.

Benefits and Features

  • - Continous length profile increases visual uniformity.
  • - Reduces chance leakage.
  • - Lightweight safer to lift and install while enabling the supporting structure to be less bulky or costly.
  • - Engineered to prevent leakage by capillary action.
  • - World class patented coating technology.


Effective Cover Width (mm) 1015
Thickness (mm) 0.32
Gauge 28
Colour Tile Red
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