Factors to consider on choosing the best roofing solution for you

Why wait for the drip of a damaged roof. It’s a good idea to inspect your roof regularly, particularly if you live in areas of the country that experience extreme weather. You can inspect your roof yourself by either climbing on your roof or by using binoculars from the ground.

Here are some things to look for:

+ Check flashing for damage or inadequate coverage

+ Look under eaves and overhangs for damage

+ Examine the overlaps for any mishaps, cracked, curled, torn, or warped edges

+ Look for any open seams or joints

+ Look for popped or rusted nails or stains around nails (We recommend use of Fixtite fasteners to avoid damage by nailing)

+ Look for signs of insects or critter infestation (squirrels love climbing on roofs) near you

The benefits of steel roofing are:

+ Lightweight

+ Fire resistant

+ Ease of installation

+ Quick installation

+ Resistant to pests