Elegantile is an aesthetically pleasing profile that is sophisticated and durable. The shape is smooth with clean lines giving it a very chic finish.Its Mediterranean heritage allows for a good fit in this tropical climate.

Available in both gloss and textured finish.

Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous length profile increases visual uniformity
  • Reduces chance leakage
  • Lightweight safer to lift and install while enabling the supporting structure to be less bulky/costly
  • No underlays needed
  • Rapid roof coverage
  • Large panel size enables roofing to be completed faster
  • Easy and secure – roofing sheets are fixed to the roof structure
  • World class patented coating technology
  • MRM Mark of Quality – each sheet is inspected over 6 times before dispatch
  • Engineered to prevent leakage by capillary action


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  1. Elegantile 28 Gauge Maroon Textured Roofing Sheet
    Elegantile 28G Maroon Textured Roofing Sheet
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