We offer a range of locally manufactured architectural and industrial louvres as well as air vents for a variety of air intake or exhaust applications. All Vents and Louvres are manufactured from Aluminium-Zinc coated steel or Aluminium, to match the roofing material used, providing maximum corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. All our products are custom made to your specific requirements.

Our ventilator range comes in ridge or sloped mounted options. Finished in high quality Aluminium-Zinc coated steel or Aluminium, the Ventilator range will exhaust stale air within a building, replacing it with cool fresh air from fixed louvres and other openings at a lower level. The slope and ridge-mounted ventilators are manufactured to suit any roof profile and roof aesthetics.

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  1. Stainless steel cyclone
    Stainless steel cyclone
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